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Amin Khan

Amin Khan is a Bangladeshi famous and well-recognized movie star. Amin has produced several blockbuster Bengali films for the public of the nation. He has demonstrated his acting ability by giving a great accomplishment in the films. The star also showed his work in some modern television production, telefilm and commercial.

Early Life:

Amin Khan was born in Khulna, Bangladesh. His birth date is on December 24, 1977. His parents are Lokman Ali Khan and Arjudha Khan. She was a homemaker. He was very much enthusiastic about media platform from early youth. That ultimately transformed himself into a strong player in the Dhallywood showbiz business. He read at ‘Ideal College’ in Dhaka. During early adolescence, he wanted to be in the police service but changed herself into an artist where he can perform a role for all sorts of personalities.


Amin Khan obtained his introduction in the film business with the film ‘Obujh Duti Mon’ including co-actress Popy during 1993. It was conducted by Mohammad Hossain. In the film, the star gave off a great acting display and attracts the notice of a head administrator of the showbiz trade Montazur Rahman Akbar. He finally took the opportunity for his film ‘Soitan Manush’ in 1996. During the corresponding year, he performed in the film ‘Sopner Nayok’. Following the time, Amin Khan appeared in the blockbuster film ‘Coolie’ including co-artists Omar Sunny and Popy. The film generated a deep stir quite in the Bangladeshi box office also the player received the certain approval from the judges and viewers. In 1998, he appeared in the film ‘Tomar Amar Prem’ including Rituparna Sengupta. During 1999, the hero emerged in the blockbuster film ‘Sagarika’ including Indian star Rituparna Sengupta where he gave an excellent display. In the corresponding year, he performed in the different film ‘Mogher Mulluk’. Amin appeared in the hit film ‘Kothin Bastob’ including Riaz and Dipjol in 2001. During 2008, he appeared in box office favorite movie ‘Bodhu Boron’ including co-actress Moushumi. In the related time, he performed in the film ‘Somadhi’. During 2011, Amin Khan performed a tremendous acting appearance in the film ‘O Amar Desher Mati’. Later he worked in the film ‘Lovey Pap Papey Mrittu’ including Riaz, Purnima. He performed in higher than 200 movies. He grew to the media platform through a race ‘Notun Mukher Shondhane’ during 1990.

Personal Life:

Amin Khan married the lovely woman Snigdha after simply 3-month dating. The pair has two sons called Ryan and Ajmain. He built his own name in the field within rather quick time. He perceived the many understanding peoples’ talents who encouraged him to develop up a profession in the showbiz business such as Mohammad Hossain and Badal Khandakar.

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