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Bidya Sinha Saha Mim is now the topmost star in Dhallywood. Concerning her performance and beauty, she gained the minds of thousands of Bangladeshi people.

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim remains a great model and Movie star of Bangladesh. Later getting the ‘Lux Channel I superstar 2007’ she proceeded into the light which struck her opportunity to perform in the thriving movie ‘Amar Ache Jol’ conducted by the renowned author and filmmaker ‘Humayun Ahmed’.

Earlier Life:

Virendranath Saha is Bidya Sinha Saha Mim’s father who is a Professor in the ‘Government College’. Her mother is Chobi Saha who is a homemaker. For her father’s work, she remained in various sectors of Bangladesh still her preferred area in Rajshahi. Bidya Sinha Mim was a gifted scholar. She began her schooling at the famous ‘Nawab Faizunnesa Government Girls’ High School’ and got Golden A+ during SSC. later She moved on to read at ‘Comilla Victoria College’ and got A during HSC. She then joined at ‘Jahangir Nagar University’.


During 2008, she presented her appearance in Humayun Ahmed’s film ‘Amar Achey Jol’. Her performance was appreciated by the judges. Following the two-year difference, she freshly starred in ‘Amar Praner Priya’. Concerning her appearance in the film, she got ‘Meril Prothom Alo Nomination’ under Best Actress section during 2014. Films like ‘Jonaki’r Alo’, ‘Tarkata’, and ‘Poddo Patar Jol’ placed her as a star in the cinema business. The movie gained ‘Audience Choice Award’ in ’12th Asian Film Festival’. Her film ‘Black’, a unique India-Bangladesh co-production, remained a significant financial victory. People admired her appearance. Famous West-Bengal lead Soham Chakraborty performed the male role in the film.

Besides movies, Mim has various TV shows and TV advertisements to her account. Her greatest TV show was ‘Shesher Kobitar Porer Kobita’ conducted by Mahfuz Ahmed. Additional important shows are- ‘A B C’, ‘Tini Bujhtey Parlen Je Eta Prem Noy’, ‘Nil Josnai Kalo Shap’, and ‘Tai Opurno’. During her performance, she gained several prizes and accolades. She won ‘National Film Award 2014’ for her appearance in ‘Ek Cap Ca’. During 2008, she got ‘Meril Prothom Alo Award’ under Best Film Actress section for ‘Amar Ache Jol’. She won ‘Best Model Award’ from ‘Binodon Bicitra’ for ‘Tibbet Lip Jel’.

Personal Life:

Though a star, Mim conveys a very easy experience. She prefers to travel.  She prefers to hang out with her buddies. Her ideal attire is Salwar Kameez also Jins-tops. She prefers to apply light-colored lipstick. Usually, she uses bright make-up and likes to diet. She chooses to have light meals.  Seldom, she takes yoga for staying fit.

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