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Orchita Sporshia | Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Movies, Photos

Orchita Sporshia is an example of the current famous Bangladeshi TV star and model. She is an extremely attractive, sensual, gorgeous and gifted star. She worked in several TV shows. Sporshia began her work being a model for ‘Airtel Bangladesh’ during 2011.

She became the brand representative of ‘Airtel’, ‘Parachute hair oil’, ‘Foster Clarks’, ‘Ollo’, etc. She has appeared in several television shows. She is further acting in a composition association as a creative leader. She is running both in-fronts also off-front the camera.

Earlier life:

Sporshia was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her birth date is on December 8, 1992. She was quite fond of the modeling from initial youth. Sporshia finished ‘O Level’ and ‘A Level’ from English medium school. Later she registered at the ‘University of Liberal Arts’ where she read in ‘Media Studies and Journalism’. Throughout her education, she used to study loads of books in a lack of her mother due to her mother’s work.


Sporshia registers into the production environment with the ‘Aurunodoyer Torun Dol’ conducted by Samir Ahmed. Later she starred in successful production ‘Impossible 5’. She revealed her great appearance in the television series ‘Ujan Ganger Naiya’, which has placed her signature in the media management of Bangladesh. Moreover her favorite TV shows were ‘Holud Paatar Kabbo’, ‘Prashchitto’,  ‘Apon Apon Khela’, ‘Roud’, ‘Side Effec’, ‘Family Pack’,  ‘Bishorjon’, ‘Japani Bondhu’, ‘Antor Dondo’, ’50 51′, ‘Warish Naama’, ‘Shubornopur Beshi Durey Noy’, ‘Prem Ashe Prem Jay’, ‘Icche Ghuri’, ‘Bindu Bishorgo’, ‘Borsha Kabbo’, ‘Amader Chhoto Nodi’, etc. Orchita Sporshia was married. Orchita Sporshia further worked in various TV advertisements like ‘Airtel- ONE SECOND PULSE’, ‘Airtel- INSTANT CASH BACK’, ‘Airtel- SHOPNOPURI’,  ‘Ollo’, ‘SHAHAJADI MEHDI’, ‘PRAN CHATNI’, ‘PARACHUTE winter hair care’, ‘Parachute ADVANSED HAIR OIL BONDHU 3 DIN’, ‘Foster Clarks’, etc.

Personal Life:

Star Orchita Sporshia and executive Rafsan Ahsan had a wedded life collectively for merely two years. This was approved by Rafsan. He informed the reporter that he formally asked for a separation at the capital’s ‘Mohammadpur Kazi office’. He told that this remained a mutual arrangement. Rafsan further stated ‘We decided to separate. We still love and respect each other, but the overall situation got very complicated. Though we can’t stay with each other anymore, we’ll always have respect for each other.’

Following on, Sporshia said the reporter that their wedding was not a love marriage plus they quickly determined to get wedded on October 2015. She further stated that they attempted their greatest to get forward for a year yet during current year’s November, they thought that something isn’t running for them. As a consequence, she herself suggested Rafsan for a separation.

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