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Safa Kabir is a famous Bangladeshi star and model. She is lucky enough to prosper her profession in a comparatively brief period. Safa starred in the media business with a television advertisement for ‘Airtel’ conducted by Ashfaq Bipul. Then, she acted in various successful television advertisements like ‘Pran Peanut Bar’ and ‘Parachute Oil’. Nevertheless, she achieved significant acceptance after her remarkable appearance in ‘@18 All Time Dourer Upor’ in 2013, a favorite telefilm. Presently she proceeds to charm the public functioning in best-rated mainstream shows.


Earlier Life:

Safa Kabir was born in Barisal, Bangladesh. Her birth date is on August 29, 1994. Her grandfather called her ‘Annatomy Kelly’ yet she is properly recognized as Safa Kabir within the media business. She now reads BBA at ‘American International University’. She stays with her mother in Nakhalpara, Dhaka. Her father stays in German.



She is an inherent star in Bangladesh who perceives the actress claim with an endorsement of ‘Pran’. Safa is a growing actress in the nation, in the very little course she has set her title on the media platform and seizes the public mind. She is quite recognized as ‘selfie queen’ to the youth throughout the nation. Safa Kabir hits off the campaign in the media business with a television advertisement for Airtel conducted by Ashfaq Bipul. She works in many successful TVCs including ‘Pran Peanut Bar’ and ‘Parachute Oil’.

Safa entertained a show called ‘Style and Trend’ on NTV. She appeared in a successful telefilm named ‘@18 All Time Dourer Upor’’ this telefilm has placed her signature in the media production; she proceeds to the limelight throughout the nation after appearing in this telefilm and grasps the audience’s awareness. Later Safa worked in the show ‘Eka Meye’. During 2014 she appeared in the show ‘Valobasha 101’. Then the star works in loads of thriving production including ‘University’, ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Junak Poka’.


Personal Life:

Though she began her profession with modeling, Safa is presently an example of the modern mainstream artists. She has built a powerful foundation in showbiz including no substantial prior knowledge of performance or modeling. Presently she is a familiar media figure having higher than 3,48,292 followers on her established Facebook page. While Safa Kabir was born, her dad was visiting Russia on a trade journey. Safa Kabir prefers to sing songs as well. She sounded a tune in ‘T-20 world cup’ special, called ‘Tiger T-20’. Safa interestingly an introvert person and can’t start discussions unless someone addresses her originally. She has a strange fixation. During her vacation chooses to execute abstract costumes of many various forms and dimensions.

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