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Salman Muqtadir Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Girlfriend, Photos

Salman Muqtadir is breathtaking young fame in Bangladesh. He has been a renowned figure for maintaining his own YouTube channel. His channel’s name is ‘SalmoN TheBrownFish’. Young generation people of Bangladesh like him especially for giving the ideas of earning through online a new perception.

Nowadays, people also know him as a famous actor, model, and singer.

Biography of Salman Muqtadir


Early Life

Salman was born on 9th August, in 1993, in Sydney, in Australia. Since his parents are Bangladeshi, he is also a citizen of Bangladesh. He used to study at the British Council at first. Then he got admitted at US Nirimba Precinct. But his education process didn’t last long. Salman had always a thirst to try new things. That’s why he tried different tasks from a very early age. Earlier in life, he wanted to become a great singer. But he couldn’t fulfill his wish at first. Later, he became successful in that field too.


Salman Muqtadir had entered in the world of professionalism by opening his own YouTube channel. His channel ‘‘SalmoN TheBrownFish’’ achieved more than one million subscribers and seventy million views by the end of the year 2017. He has a secondary Youtube channel. And its name is “SalmoN ThePutimaas”
In 2014, Salman acted in a television drama named ‘Bhalobasha 101’. Again in the same year, he appeared in another drama named ‘Vitamin T’. Later that year, Salman acted in one more drama named ‘Misfire’ with one of the most famous artists of Bangladesh, Mosharrof Karim, and Sabila Nur. After two years, he again paired with Sabila Nur. The drama’s name was ‘Ja Kichu Ghote’. Salman also splendidly performed in ‘Third Generation’ drama in 2017.

And he has also worked in many popular Television Commercials.

Personal Life

Many people now consider him as a playboy. His name is alleged with many girls from time to time. Lately, he was in a relationship with Jessia Islam, who was the winner of Miss World Bangladesh in 2017. With Jessia, he also shot some of his YouTube videos.


In 2018, Jessia made an accusation on Salman Muqtadir. She claimed that Salman has played with lives of a lot of girls. Through a Facebook status of hers, Jessia said this about Salman. As usual, Salman refused the allegations. But Salman’s Facebook and Instagram accounts say different things.


Later in 2019, Salman’s name was covered in another controversy. He made video to support the students who were involved in ‘Nirapod Shorok Chai’ protest. And police arrested him for making that video.
In 2019, Salman made a vulgar video of his song ‘Ovodro Prem’. Police interrogated him owing to that reason. Also, many people rebuked and criticized him for making that vulgar video. But Salman replied that he had made that video for his western fans. However, later he was forced to remove that video from his account.

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